8 Travel Tips to Enjoy Your Holiday

By | February 26, 2010

BeachTraveling is a great thing only if you know how to enjoy it. Just getting there and visiting some attractions is not enough. You should have a good time and experience each place. Here are some simple tips that will make the most of your trips.

1. Read about your destination. Make a list of attractions, get a map of the city, identify the best shopping areas. Find out how the locals are, what they eat, where they party. This will save valuable time there, because you will know at each moment what to do and where to go.

2. Learn some local language. A few words and phrases will do. You may need them to talk to locals that don’t know your language. Or you may simply want to use them to impress people there. You will see how they immediately become your friends if you talk in their language.

3. Pack exactly what you need. Too many things make your baggage heavy. Too little means you will miss things during holiday. Think of what you will need and pack exactly those things.

4. Get up early. This will keep you away from long queues at attractions. You will see more of your destination, since the day will be longer. Of course, if you like to party till morning, getting up early and visiting museums may not be the best advice though.

5. Experience the local way of life. Tourist areas are not always the best to spend time in. Eat in restaurants where locals go and try the local food. Shop in stores they shop. Use public transport. This will both save you money and make you truly experience the city.

6. Have a no-plans day. Carefully planing your trip in advance is good, since you can see all the attractions that are worth seeing. However, keep a no-plans day, when you walk without a clear destination and you do things that come to your mind. It’s simply relaxing.

7. Take a GPS with you. The best GPS is your mobile phone, you already have it in your pocket. And instead of constantly taking a map out of your backpack you can simply push some buttons. It’s easier to search for a place on a GPS than on a map with a dozen pages.

8. Learn new things. If you like swimming, why not experiencing scuba diving? If you like hiking, why not learning to ski? Holiday destinations allow you to do things you may not easily do at home.