Famous buildings with impressive architecture

By | June 3, 2011

Barcelona - Parc GuellEach city has its own nice buildings, but some cities simply stand out of the crowd. We have chosen today Barcelona, Vienna and Valencia, three European cities that are proud to host some of the most beautiful architectural wonders.

When thinking of famous architectural buildings, Gaudí comes for sure to your mind. He designed many famous buildings in Barcelona, leaving his unmistakable fingerprint on this city.

Barcelona - La PedreraCasa Milà, also known as La Pedrera, is emblematic for Gaudi’s style. He built this house during 1905 – 1912 for a wealthy couple. The building is impressive both from the outside and the inside. Entering the large atrium, you feel you are transported in another world. While visiting the roof, you will admire its chimneys with their distinct form and you can look over a few streets in Barcelona from that height.

Barcelona - Casa BattloCasa Batlló was “only” restored by Gaudi, together with another Catalan architect named Josep Maria Jujol. He did this work during 1904 – 1906, and the result is also called “House of Bones”, and it resembles indeed some skeleton and bones. The house belonged to a middle-class family.

Barcelona - Sagrada FamiliaSagrada Família is one of Barcelona’s icons. The cathedral that is not finished yet is simply impressive. It’s complicated design and huge amount of details are the reasons why it is so beautiful. Unfortunately it is under construction, but it is definitely a must see if you travel to Barcelona.

Barcelona - Parc GuellBarcelona - Parc GuellBarcelona - Parc GuellParc Guell was built by Gaudí between 1900 and 1914. It is a large park that contains numerous elements bearing the style of the architect. Buildings resemble gingerbread houses, so you will feel transported to a fairy tale. Its a very nice place to walk for a few hours and relax.

Vienna - Hundertwasser HausHundertwasserhaus in a very interesting building in Vienna. It is actually a block of flats where people are living, so you will not find a museum here. It is a fairytale house in a colorful landscape. The nice thing is that no apartment resembles the other, so people here have really unique places to live.

Valencia - Ciudad de las artes y de la ciencias Valencia - Ciudad de las artes y de la ciencias Valencia - Ciudad de las artes y de la ciencias Valencia - Ciudad de las artes y de la ciencias Valencia - Ciudad de las artes y de la ciencias Valencia - Ciudad de las artes y de la cienciasLa Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias (or City of Arts and Science in English) is a large complex that really makes you feel in the 22nd century. It is made up of five different buildings that host different activities: the Hemisfèric is an IMAX cinema with digital projections, the Umbracle is a place to stroll and relax and a car park, the Oceanográfico is the largest aquarium in Europe with over 500 marine species, the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum is an innovative centre of interactive science and the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía is in charge of the artistic program. If you want to feel in the future for a few hours, visit this nice complex and discover its mysteries.