Five ways of having fun differently in your holiday

By | September 17, 2011

Planning a holiday is quite straightforward. You take a list of attractions, choose those that you want to see and fit them in your schedule. Then you search for some nice restaurants, bars, coffee shops and that’s it. When you are too lazy to discover things yourself, you take a sightseeing bus, lean back and listen to the audio guide.

By limiting yourself to the traditional tourism however, you may miss things. You won’t see how locals are spending their time and how they are enjoying their cities. Here are a few ideas of alternative activities once you get in a foreign city.

The disco bus is a the place for a crazy party on the move. Depending on how many friends are ready to join, you can buy some tickets or even rent a full bus. Then you have music, drinks and you can also see some attractions of the city if you can still focus on anything outside the bus. Some examples are Party Bus in Ireland, Bus Discothèque in France and DiscoBusSydney in Australia.

The beer bike is a big bicycle that can accommodate more people and has a beer keg in it. Some or all the people have to pedal in order to move the bike, and one has to steer the bike. Unfortunately the latter can’t drink, since bicycles are allowed in normal traffic if they don’t disturb it. The good thing is that companies renting such bikes often offer their own driver, so everybody else has few responsibilities only: drinking, singing and having fun. Depending on the organizing company, you may either pay about €10 per person per hour or anywhere around €200 – €400 for all passengers, sometimes with beer included as well. You can taste this unconventional entertainment option in AmsterdamMunich and many other German cities.

The party grill boat provides even more fun. It’s easy as usual, you just get on a boat on some lake or river and then drink all day long. Some boats are really small, like this one in Prague. Others are larger and are sailed by professionals, like the beer logs in Munich. And if you are looking for something really exquisite, you can rent a nice vessel in London.

Segway city tours are already very popular in major cities. What can be better than seeing the beauties of a city while riding one of the coolest machines in the world? City Segway Tours is offering Segways in many US and European cities, Mindways Segway Citytour is covering many German cities, and Segway Citytour Zagreb is present in the Croatian capital.