How to find the cheapest fuel in Austria

By | January 14, 2018

FuelSituated in the center of Europe, Austria is an important touristic and transit country. Prices vary sometimes greatly between gas stations, so cost-conscious travellers who have to fill up their tanks can save money if they compare the prices.

Let’s start with the basics. Gas and Diesel are much more expensive on the highways than in cities or villages. Even when driving only on highways, it is worth to exit briefly especially in a city. The larger the city, the more gas stations you will find. Many stations are situated in the outskirts, so you won’t waste too much time and then you can get back on the highway.

The fuel prices in Austria are rather low compares to neighboring countries, and this is true especially when looking at Germany. It is a good idea therefore to fill up before crossing the border. As many travellers do just that, there are usually several gas stations close to the German border on the major routes. Again, avoid those on the highways, because the prices there are much higher.

When looking at the gas stations brands, there are no general rules, however a few things stand out. Jet and sometimes Shell tend to have competitive prices. Avanti operates many self-service gas stations, often times close to the Austrian borders, and the prices are also often good.

Besides the general aspects described above, you can also search for the lowest prices specifically in the area you are in. You can use the fuel price search engine operated by the Austrian auto club Ă–AMTC. The website is available only in German, but you can use a tool like Google Translate to translate it. The results are shown conveniently in a list sorted by price and also on a map.