Malta: Which attraction pass is better?

By | September 2, 2017

Malta is very rich in tourist attractions. These include the impressive megalithic temples, several museums, a big aquarium and numerous others. Many of these are not exactly cheap to enter, so buying an attraction pass can save you a lot of entrance fees. But which attraction pass is better?

There are two major attraction passes. The first is Heritage Malta Multisite Pass. It is offered directly by Heritage Malta, the national agency for museums, conservation practice and cultural heritage. As a consequence, it includes the attractions that are under the Heritage Malta administration, including almost all megalithic temples.

The second attraction pass is The Malta Pass, offered by a partnership of two companies. One of them is organising tours.

So, which attraction pass is the right one for you?

The first question is if you need one at all. If you just plan to see one or two attractions, probably not. As of 2017, the standard price of Heritage Malta Multisite Pass is €50, and The Malta Pass starts at €24.95 (well, the standard price is €49.95, but the pass is discounted at least online). A single entrance to say Mnajdra Temples is €10.

If you want to see several attractions however, even if you are visiting for just a day, the single entrance fees add up. In this case you should consider one of the two passes.

Heritage Malta Multisite Pass

This is a good option if you plan to see many of the monuments and museums managed by Heritage Malta, for example the megalithic temples and St Paul’s Catacombs . Pretty much everything is included, as well as the Malta National Aquarium in Saint Paul’s Bay. What is not included is Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, which costs €35 alone. The Heritage Malta Multisite Pass is valid for 30 days from its first use, making it ideal if you spend a longer time in Malta. Instead of rushing through several attractions a day, you can be more relaxed and see maybe one or two every day, in combination with going to the seaside.

You can buy this attraction pass online from the Heritage Malta shop. The website is not very clear about the steps involved, but you can pay by credit card and then download the pass for self printing. It’s a good idea to print the list of attractions too, as they are not displayed on the pass.

Malta Pass

The Malta Pass is a good option if you have a short period of time at your disposal and you want to see as many attractions as possible. For example, the one day version costs €24.95, which is more effective than paying for all attractions and not having the time to see them. Besides many of the temples and museums, it also includes other attractions like the Malta Falconry Centre and the Malta Aviation Museum. An interesting addition is the sightseeing bus in Gozo, which saves you some more money if you want to visit this island. If you have only one day to see Gozo and you don’t have a rental car, the sightseeing bus is the most efficient way to get from attraction to attraction.

The Malta Pass comes in 1, 2 and 3 day versions and can be bought here. You also get a guidebook when you order. It needs to be delivered per post however, either to your home before you leave or to your hotel in Malta, so there are some postage fee involved.