Not only for beer lovers: famous brewery tours

By | June 18, 2011

A day starts better with a beer, a friend used to say. Even if beer and work don’t usually mix well, any beer lover should visit at least once a famous brewery. We say at least once because the second, third and all further visits will definitely come after the first. What can be tastier than fresh beer and some good food? Have a look at our selection of breweries and mark the date for your next holiday to one of them!

Erding Brewery is located in the town of Erding, 35km North East of Munich, Germany. This is probably the world’s largest wheat beer brewery and nine different types of beer are brewed here. This is the home of the famous white Erdinger beer. It is internationally known and the locals are of course very proud.

The brewery offers a tour that makes the visit very enjoyable. This location is very popular, so it may be crowded during holidays. Book your tour in advance to avoid queues. Tours start from Tuesday to Friday at 10am, 2pm, and 6pm, while on Saturday they start at 10am and 2pm. The entrance costs 10 euros, but it is worth every cent, since you can drink and eat as much as you want! The beer is very good and the German food is simply amazing! Isn’t that great?

Plzeň Brewery in Czech Republic is another must see for any beer fan. Here is the place where the well known Pilsner Urquell and Gambrinus beers were born. This place actually gave the name of pils beers. Tours of the brewery are held in English, German and Czech and it’s also best to book it in advance. The tour times are different depending on language, so better check this as well. They will obviously let you try unfiltered and unpasteurized beer right from the oak barrels. Don’t forget to bring a sweater even in August, as it’s quite chilly in the cellars.

Stella Artois Brewey in Leuven, Belgium is yet another popular destination for beer fans. Its name comes from one of the owners, Artois. Stella means star, as it is said that this beer is bright as a star. Any beer fan that tried it at least once knows they are right! The city of Leuven is accessible by train from Brussels, as it is only 20-25 minutes away. The tour costs 13 euros and you are shown the brewing process, they tell you about the origins of beer, about different ingredients that are mixed and that give such a good taste. Of course, at the end of the tour you can have as much beer as you wish and meanwhile they also teach you how to serve the beer correctly, including pouring the proper amount of foam.

These are only three breweries, there are many more of course, especially in the countries with strong beer tradition like Czech Republic, Germany and Belgium. Once you start enjoying such beer tours, no doubt you will be looking for new breweries in new locations.