Plane, train or car. Which one is best for your holiday?

By | May 28, 2011

PlaneWith so many means of transportation at our disposal, it is often a tough choice what to choose for a holiday. The options usually are the fast but sometimes expensive or inflexible plane, the train or the slow but flexible car. Which one is best? There is no definite answer to this questions, it depends a lot on the costs and your taste.

The plane is definitely the right choice for long distance trips. It allows you to reach in hours destinations that you would otherwise reach in days. It is fast, comfortable and for long distances it is also usually cheaper than the car. The downsides are that it is not that flexible. Regular airlines often allow you to change travel dates for a fee, but low-cost companies are much more restrictive on this. It is therefore essential to be sure you will be able to travel within the predefined dates. Flights are much cheaper if you plan with a lot of time in advance, so this is also something that reduces your flexibility.

Trains are somewhere in the middle. They are reasonably fast in developed countries or very slow to non-existent in remote areas. For some train routes you also need to plan very well in advance in order to get a free seat or to benefit from the best prices. This is especially true for the holiday seasons. Other routes or regional routes are not that crowded, so you don’t need to buy your tickets in advance.

Your car will provide the best level of flexibility, but the cost you have to pay is the time. It is much slower than the plane and sometimes slower than the train, so it is not fit for long distances. On top of this, everyone is using their cars at weekends and during holiday seasons, so you will often waste lots of hours in the traffic. The car is not even cheap, the fuel costs exceed a plane ticket price for long distances. The only benefit is the flexibility, you can decide anytime to travel somewhere.

As you see, all the means of transportation have their pros and cons. The best way to start when trying to decide on one of them is to compare the costs and the travel time between them. Depending on your budget, free time and preferences, you can choose what is the most convenient to you.