The Flight Checklist

By | February 24, 2010

PlaneFlying even for a few hours can be a pain, but it’s up to you to make it somehow comfortable. Our checklist here will help you to enjoy your flight and make good use of the time you spend in the airport or in the plane.

Choose your seat in the plane. If you like watching on the window, stay at the window. If you want to go to the toilette often, stay at the aisle. It may be quieter in front of the engines, that’s why business class is located here.

Take your frequent flyer card or number with you. You may need it at the airport to get your miles or to enjoy the benefits of your frequent flyer program membership.

Check again your baggage. Make sure you haven’t forgot anything forbidden in your hand baggage. It’s a pity to throw things away just because you haven’t packed them in the checked baggage.

Check for delays. Airports and flight companies publish the schedules on their website. If your plane is delayed by a few hours, it’s better to leave home later in order not to waste time at the airport.

Check in online. Many flight companies allow online check in. You can print the boarding pass at home. Checking in online saves a lot of time. If you have no checked baggage, you go directly to the security check and then to the boarding gate.

Charge all your electronics. This includes laptop, mobile phone, MP3 player, camera. Pack all your chargers, connectivity cables and power supply adapters.

Pack things at hand. Put your passport, flight tickets, boarding passes within easy reach.

Take things for entertainment. Pack books, magazines, movies, music. You will spend long hours in the airport and in the plane, entertainment will help you not to get bored.

Pack all valuables in the hand baggage. Checked baggage is not manipulated with care, so sensitive items might get destroyed. Many pieces of baggage are lost or wrongly routed between airports, so keep with you things you can’t live without.