Travel on a budget: accommodation, food and entertainment

By | June 23, 2011

You may think that travel is reserved only to people with some money. Money make of course a difference and determine if you can get to one place or another, but you can always travel with very little money! This means of course that you can’t be very picky, but travelling on a budget allows you to see things from a different point of view and very often to meet interesting people and have lots of fun.


The hotel is likely to bring you the most expensive bill during a holiday, so here is the best opportunity to save some money. Couch surfing is one of the best solution for a smart budget. You can easily find people that are happy to host you in their home for little or no money. They are usually looking to meet new friends and to experience new cultures. Check out the places you want to go on and search for reviews about people that offer accommodation in this way. This is the best option for young travellers, as you will make tons of new friends and will have a lot of fun.

Home exchange or home swapping is another good option, provided you have a house in a touristic or at least interesting area. Sometimes the car is also included in such type of arrangement. While there is some risk that you will find your house in a bad shape after the holiday, check some dedicated websites and find people with good recommendations and reviews if you want to stay on the safe side.

Hostels are always available in many areas and offer good value for the money. You have to consider first if it’s comfortable to share a room and the bathroom with several strangers. It may remind you of college times if you experienced sharing rooms with other students. If you have no issue with such things, then you will definitely have fun and get to know many interesting people.

Camping is normally considered a way to feel good in the middle of the nature, but don’t think of camping as a type of accommodation that does not offer you the comfortable bed and shower at home. Camping facilities allow you to park your car and to bring your nice tent. Many of them offer you good shower facilities and you can even get a connection to electricity. A camping is a very good starting point for experiencing the nature, so you can go hiking or biking. You can also enjoy a beer and a discussion with other people in the camping in the evenings.


As you see, there are plenty of free or cheap accommodation options. How about the food? This can’t be for free, right?

It’s not for free, but it can be very cheap if you avoid restaurants. Supermarkets are the best source, as they offer very good sandwiches, fruit and fresh bread. If you want to have a coffee, then look for shops outside the tourist areas, because prices drop significantly. You can also have something like a fresh cheap croissant with your coffee.

Most European cities have a lot of Turkish or Greek food places and these are usually quite cheap. You can always go for such a place if you get bored with the supermarket food.


Well, a holiday is also about having some fun. Some ideas are to visit different quarters of the city and especially the parks, as this is a good way to spend your time without wasting money. Look for local public events like concerts, which may also be for free.

In many cities, museums have a special day when entrance is free. If you do some research in advance, you can visit some of the attractions without paying anything.

We hope that you find this advice useful to enjoy a holiday when you are on a tight budget. If there are any other ideas that come to your mind, you can leave them in the comments to share them with everybody.