Which beach is better, sand or pebbles?

By | May 28, 2011

BeachMost of the tourists prefer the beaches with fine, golden sand. They are right up to some point, nothing can replace the feeling of the hot sand under your feet. It is simply perfect for a relaxing holiday, especially if you have children. You know how much they like to play and to build the sand castles.

But not everyone is the lazy style. Active people like their water sports, and here is where the sand is not so much loved. If you like diving or snorkeling, you definitely like places without sand, where the water is clear. This is exactly where the marine life is found and you need perfectly clean water to enjoy it.

Even if you are not into diving or snorkeling, beaches without sand tend to have that beautiful blue color. This is because the sky is reflected by the clear water. Beaches with pebbles are also appropriate for people that don’t like finding sand in their bags or in their car many months after the holiday.

So which one is best? Of course it depends on what you like, if you have children and what type of activities you prefer during your holiday.