Driving in Andorra

Andorra is easy to drive due to its small size and the good road condition. The speed limit is 50 km/h in built-up areas and 60 – 90 km/h outside, depending on the road signs.

Special attention must be paid to driving in winter. If you come from Spain or France, the weather is probably milder there, but Andorra might be covered in snow. It is compulsory to have snow chains in the car and winter tyres are recommended. The police might ask you to return if your car is not properly equipped.

The traffic can be pretty heavy during the winter season. If you are not comfortable driving, you can use the reliable public transport instead. You can simply book a hotel with parking, because the country is rather small and the public transport can bring you almost anywhere you need to go.

Parking is not so easy to find around the tourist attractions. The number of cars in the cities is pretty high, which leads to lack of parking space and congestions during rush hours.

Fuel is slightly cheaper than in Spain or France, so it is worth filling your tank here.