Getting in Kufstein

By car

Kufstein is situated on the Rosenheim – Innsbruck highway (numbered A93 in Germany and A12 in Austria). Arriving by car is therefore very convenient. There are many parking garages in the city center, which are well signed. It is also possible to park on the street for free before entering the center, and then continue by foot for 10 – 15 minutes.

As of January 2018, border controls are in effect on the highway when entering Germany from Austria. Waiting times are usually not very long, but during heavy traffic they can exceed 30 minutes. If you want to save time when crossing the border, it is best to be informed on the current border crossing times. If waiting times are long, many drivers choose to cross the border on the national road connecting Kufstein in Austria to Kiefersfelden in Germany, and then enter the A93 highway after the border. This is usually a faster alternative.

In the other direction from Germany to Austria there are no border controls. You will need a vignette, even if you are driving just a few kilometers after the border. Be aware that you need to buy the vignette before entering Austria. There is a gas station just before the border where you can buy one. During weekends or holidays there is quite some traffic on the national road before Kufstein, as many drivers want to save the money on the vignette and choose to avoid the highway.

As gas is cheaper in Austria than in Germany, it is a good idea to fill up your tank when you are in Kufstein if you continue your journey towards Germany.

By train

Kufstein is situated on the train line between Rosenheim in Germany and Innsbruck in Austria. Except for the high speed services, most of the other trains stop in Kufstein. The train station is very conveniently located, so by crossing the bridge over the Inn river you will be in the city center after just a few minutes.