Things to see in Vienna

Vienna - BelvedereSchoenbrunn Palace is not to be missed by any tourist to Vienna. It was the summer palace of the Habsburg family. It has some huge gardens and the oldest zoo in the world. Don’t miss the zoo, it is very big and impressive. Other attractions are the Privy Garden, a Maze and Labyrinth, and Gloriette. It is not far from the city center, and you can easily get there by public transport.
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 Vienna - HofburgHofburg Palace was the residence of the Habsburg family until 1918. It was expanded during time. Here, you should not miss Imperial Apartments, Sisi Museum and Imperial Silver Collection.
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Kunsthistorisches Museum is one of the most famous museums of fine arts in the world. It is very big, so you might need more days to make a full tour. You may as well visit only those sections that are of interest to you, in order to keep it short. Official website:

Vienna - SchoenbrunnBelvedere was the summer residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy. It is transformed now into the Austrian Gallery. Official website:

Vienna - Hundertwasser HausHundertwasserhaus is a building with a very strange design. The rooms, balconies and colors seem very messy, not following any design rule. Official website:

Vienna - StephansdomStephansdom is a very large cathedral, with an impressive architecture. You can see some of the most interesting parts of it only with a guided tour. It is situated in a central location, with many restaurants and shops. Official website:

Vienna - KarlskircheKarlskirche is one of the largest cathedrals in Europe. Due to its beauty, it is one of the simbols of Vienna. Official website:

 Technical Museum is a great place for techies. It is pretty big and exhibits a huge variety of machines, electronics. One of the most interesting parts is the development history of Vienna, from all technical points of view. Official website:

Natural History Museum is a great place to explore minerals, fossils, stuffed animals or anthropology. Official website:
Vienna - OperaOpera House is a nice and impressive building. If you don’t have the time to enjoy a performance, you might also choose a guided tour, because this is the only possibility to see the Opera from inside. Official website:

 Secession Building has an interesting architecture, with a golden ball on top. Official website:

Donauturm is a TV tower that also features a restaurant and an observation deck. From the observation deck, you have a good view of the whole city. The restaurant is slowly rotating, so you can also see the city from all angles while having dinner. If you visit Donauturm at night, the lights make Vienna a magic city. Official website: