Getting in Brussels

Brussels is very well connected not only to the neighbouring countries, but also to the rest of Europe and the world. No matter what means of transport you prefer, you can arrive easily to Belgium’s capital city. Brussels has two airports, Brussels Airport and Brussels South Charleroi Airport. Both of them are conveniently connected to… Read More »

Driving and parking in Brussels

Driving in Brussels is not that different from other European capitals. The city center is crowded and parking is expensive, therefore it is generally best to leave your car parked at your hotel and use the public transport instead. The roads are in good condition and the infrastructure is well developed, so it is usually… Read More »

Public transport in Brussels

Most of the attractions in Brussels are situated in the city center, so they are easily accessible by foot. You will need to use the public transport however to reach some locations that are not so central or to go from your hotel to the city center. Brussels has a good public transport network, which… Read More »

Hotels in Brussels

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