Public transport in Brussels

Most of the attractions in Brussels are situated in the city center, so they are easily accessible by foot. You will need to use the public transport however to reach some locations that are not so central or to go from your hotel to the city center.

Brussels has a good public transport network, which includes underground, trams and buses. The transport company is called STIB. Day lines are operated from 5 a.m. to midnight, but there are also night lines. The night buses (named Noctis) run only on weekends and only until 3 a.m., but are very convenient to reach your hotel from the city center after a long night out. Besides STIB, some other transport companies also operate in Brussels. Normal tickets allow you to use only STIB, but some of them are also valid for the other companies.

Keep in mind that buses or trams stop in stations only if you signal the driver that you want to board, so wave your hand early enough. You are required to enter the bus through the front door and either show your ticket to the driver or buy a ticket. When you want to get off the bus, use the rear door.

Bicycles are allowed in all undergrounds and in some trams, if there is enough free space. They are however forbidden during rush hours (7 a.m. – 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. – 6.30 p.m.).

Tickets are quite cheap compared to other European capitals. It is very convenient that you can use the same ticket for any of the means of transport and you can even change from one to another with the same ticket, as long as it is still valid. You can buy tickets from ticket machines, from ticket counters in stations, from newspaper shops and even from bus drivers.

A single journey costs €1.60. You get discounts if you buy more journeys at the same time, for example 5 journeys cost €7.30 and 10 journeys cost €11.20. If you plan to stay more days and travel a lot, a one day pass costs €4.20 and a 3 days pass costs €9.20.

The public transport company in Brussels is planning to replace the current tickets with a chip card. This card is called MOBIB and allows you to store any kind of tickets or passes on it. It is very convenient, since you just need to validate it when boarding the bus, tram or underground. You have to pay a deposit of €5 for it, but it is worth if you plan to use the public transport in Brussels more than just a few times.

Another option that includes public transport is the Brussels Card. It offers you free entrance in more than 30 museums, lots of discounts in shops and unlimited travel with the public transport. Brussels Card costs €24 for 1 day, €34 for 2 days and €40 for 3 days. You can buy it from ticket counters, hotels and museums.

The airport is served by line 12 during the day and line 21 after 8 p.m. The tickets are more expensive since these are express lines. A single journey is €3 (but €5 if bought in the bus), 10 journeys are €21. There are also some monthly and yearly passes available.