Driving in Croatia

Croatia - RoadIf you travel in Croatia by car, you will find roads in very good condition. Due to the geography of the country, there is one motorway (A6) connecting the capital Zagreb to the seaside, reaching Rijeka. There is another motorway (A1) that starts at some point from the first one and goes almost along the seaside, reaching major cities Zadar, Split and getting close to Dubrovnik. These two motorways have been recently finished and are in very good condition. There are plans to extend A1 up to Dubrovnik. They were very well known for traffic jams in places where work was still in progress, but the situation is better now. You will still have to wait sometimes in long queues at toll stations. There are some other motorways of course, but these two are of most interest to tourists.

When you go to your sea resort in Croatia, you will also travel on normal roads. These are in good condition usually, but have a lot of curves and points with no visibility, due to the cliffs. Pay the necessary attention, as Croatians are used to these roads and drive rather fast.

The speed limits are 130 km/h on motorways, 90 – 110 km/h outside towns (depending on the road quality) and 50 km/h in built-up areas. Locals don’t always drive within the speed limit, but we strongly encourage you to do so, especially as the police is very vigilant on this and you will almost certainly get fined.

When driving on motorways you have to pay a certain toll. The toll depends on the distance you drive and can be paid in local currency (HRK), euro and even with credit cards. Local currency and credit cards are the best options, because the exchange rate when paying in euro is not very good.

Even if the motorways are in good condition, they are very crowded and usually congested during summer holidays, especially during weekends. If you can avoid the weekends, you will definitely travel faster. A good advice is to always have enough fuel, as not all gas stations on the motorways are working yet.

The alcohol limit is 0.5% and is strictly enforced. Better not to risk here.

If you travel on the motorway from Split to Dubrovnik, be aware that after the motorway ends (currently at Ravca), there is some normal road in Croatia, then you have to drive through Bosnia and Herzegovina for a very short distance (at Neum), and then you are back in Croatia.