Driving and parking in Zagreb

Driving in Zagreb is similar to driving in any other European capital. The closer you get to the city center, the more jammed it gets and the more difficult it is to find available parking places. If you avoid the rush hours however, it is not difficult to get around. The historic city center is mostly pedestrian, so you will need to park your car and continue by foot.

Besides the large roads, there are also plenty of small one-way streets around the center. In order to avoid confusion, we recommend a good GPS device to reach your destination faster. Without it, you may miss the right street and then waste another half an hour trying to find it again.

There are a lot of public parking spots in the city, but it is not very easy to find empty ones. Prices vary according to the distance from the center, starting at about 10 kn and going down to 2 kn per hour. It may be easier to find empty places in the big parking garages, prices are similar or even lower than for the street parking.

If you go for the street parking, keep in mind that even if you pay, you are allowed to leave the car there for only a limited amount of time, ranging from 2 hours to 4 hours. The ticket can be bought from the machines nearby and must be displayed on your dashboard. If you fail to pay the parking fee, inspectors checking frequently will issue a fine of 50 – 200 kn. Parking fines can be paid at post offices and they generally allow you to park “for free” for the rest of the day.

If you plan to visit mostly the city center, it is best to leave your car at the hotel and use public transport instead. Public transport in Zagreb is reliable and is covering the whole city, so it is better to focus on the attractions than on the traffic.