Driving and parking in Prague

Prague is a beautiful city, very suitable for walking. The city center is not the best place to drive, as it is crowded and the streets are narrow. Traffic jams occur at rush hours, but it is not impossible to have a good time driving in Prague.

Public transport is very well organized in Prague. You must yield to both trams and buses. If the tram stop does not have an island for its passengers, they will get down directly on the street. Cars must stop until the trams closes its doors. These tram stops may be marked by a yellow grid.

Drivers in Prague are quite aggressive. They seem to be always in a rush and have a low tolerance for others’ mistakes.

Parking in the city center is not easy. It may be difficult to find available parking places on the street. You should look instead for private parkings, especially park & ride ones. Many parking places in the city center are reserved for the residents. They are normally marked by solid blue lines. Parking signs may also indicate this. It is possible that resident parking is not marked. If no regular parking signs are displayed and you see the cars have permits displayed in the windshield, you should avoid these areas.