Public transport in Prague

Prague - TramPrague has an excellent public transport network. You should use public transport whenever possible, since driving can be pretty difficult in the city center. The main means of public transport are the underground and the tram. Prague also has many bus lines. You can buy the tickets in stations. Make sure you have coins, most machines don’t accept credit cards or bills. You have to stamp your tickets before boarding in the special machines.

Your first option should be the underground if the start point and the destination are close to its stations. It is fast, reliable and not so crowded. The underground schedule starts very early in the morning and stops at midnight. There are three underground lines in the city, getting even to the outskirts.

Trams and buses are also reliable. Schedules are printed in each station and are very precise. During the night, special tram and bus lines cover the city. Prague is one of the cities that has lots of trams and is proud of that, adding to the feeling of an old city.

You can get more information on Prague’s public transport system from the official website