Getting in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is very well connected to the neighbouring countries and to the rest of Europe. Planes, trains, buses, ferries, all of them are reliable and allow you to get easily to the Danish capital. Copenhagen is also a hub for intercontinental air travel, both to North America and Asia. The main airport is Copenhagen Airport, but… Read More »

Driving and parking in Copenhagen

Driving in Copenhagen is no different from driving in any other European capital. Infrastructure is excellent and traffic conditions are generally good. The main problem is the cost for parking, therefore it is easier to leave the car at your hotel or in a garage parking and continue your journey with public transportation. Drivers are… Read More »

Public transport in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has an excellent public transport network, covering both the city center and the outskirts. You can use the underground, the S-trains and the buses, in order to arrive quickly to your destination. Copenhagen provides very good transport options during the night too. The public transport is not that cheap however, the basic ticket having… Read More »

Hotels in Copenhagen

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