Getting in Helsinki

Helsinki has excellent connections to other cities in Finland, to neighbouring countries and to major cities in Europe. No matter if you arrive there by plane, train, bus or your own car, you will have no trouble to find your way. Helsinki has an international airport called Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport. It is located 19 km outside… Read More »

Driving and parking in Helsinki

Driving in Helsinki is generally easy. The traffic signs are clear, drivers respect each other and drive well and it is not impossible to find available parking spots. The center is quite crowded however, especially during rush hours. If you don’t have a strong reason to go to the center by car, the best advice… Read More »

Public transport in Helsinki

Helsinki has a comprehensive public transport system, including the underground, trains, trams, buses and even ferries. All these use the same ticket system, making it easy and convenient for you to transfer from one form to another. The underground, trams and buses are operated by HSL, the local public transport company. The trains are operated by VR,… Read More »

Hotels in Helsinki

Search and book hotels in Helsinki.