Getting in Paris

Paris has excellent connections to both other European cities and non-European destinations. It is very easy and convenient to get into Paris by plane, car, train or bus. The French capital has three international airports. Charles de Gaulle is the main one and has the most traffic. It has the best connections to the city… Read More »

Things to see in Paris

Paris is crowded with tourists at all times, so you will find very long queues at popular attractions. Get up early if you don’t like to waste time. Eiffel Tower and Chateau de Versailles seem to be most crowded. If you want to visit many attractions in Paris, you should consider buying Paris Museum Pass.… Read More »

Driving and parking in Paris

Paris is definitely not a nice city to drive in. Things are exaggerated however. It is not an impossible task to use your car. The best things you can do are to avoid rush hours and to be patient while looking for available parking. Traffic is very heavy during the day, especially at rush hours. Buses… Read More »

Public transport in Paris

Paris has one of the best public transport systems in Europe, covering all the huge city. It relies heavily on the underground, but trains, buses and even boats are also popular. Chances are you will use the underground mostly, especially as a tourist. It has lots of lines and stations, so you can get virtually… Read More »

Shopping in Paris

Parisians have an impeccable affinity for fashion, whether they are going for work or for a walk in the park. They all seem to have a sense of elegance and haute-couture. That’s why Paris is a paradise for clothes and accessories shopping. The city is full of shopping streets and department stores. Faubourg Saint-Honore district… Read More »

Hotels in Paris

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