Public transport in France

France has both an excellent train network and a large number of airports. Depending on the distance you have to travel, the origin and the destination, you may choose any of these means of transport.

Trains cover virtually the whole country. Buses will take you further to remote destinations. Standard trains are in excellent condition and travel quickly. The TGV is a symbol of France, travelling at a very high speed. You can check train schedules and book tickets from or, depending on your actual travel route. Of course, tickets can always be purchased in stations. Don’t forget to validate your ticket on the platform before getting to the train. You will get fined if you fail to do so, even if your ticket is appropriate for that train.

France has a huge number of airports. Traveling by plane from one place to another is very convenient. Before choosing a flight, you should also look for the train alternatives and compare price and duration, since train is also very reliable. You can find the full list of airportsĀ here.