Getting in Athens

With so many islands that also have airports, flights are very common in Greece. Athens has the main airport and it is often used for transfers to the islands. Some very good but crowded motorways link Athens to the rest of the country. The airport in Athens is called Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport and is… Read More »

Things to see in Athens

Even if Athens is full of history, the main tourist attractions can be seen in a day. This is because they are not that many and are conveniently located in the same place. The Acropolis is the main tourist landmark in Athens. This was the old city center. It is placed on a hill, so… Read More »

Driving and parking in Athens

If you think you have seen it all, you are wrong. Driving in Athens is the ultimate experience even for the most experienced driver. If you come from a nice quiet small town with reasonable traffic, Athens will make you sweat. Don’t get scared though, it is possible and quite pleasant to drive in Athens… Read More »

Public transport in Athens

The public transport network in Athens is well developed, despite Greek’s preference for cars. The good news is that public transport has improved lately and will improve even further. The  underground has three lines and covers very well the city center. Some lines also get to the suburbs. The architecture of the stations is impressive,… Read More »

Shopping in Athens

You may probably be wondering what else you can do in Athens besides visiting ruins, cafes, restaurants and experiencing nightlife. Like everybody in our world, you can obviously go shopping! If you are looking for traditional Greek clothes, shoes or souvenirs, the best areas to shop are the well known Plaka and Monastiraki. Besides these,… Read More »

Hotels in Athens

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