Public transport in Athens

The public transport network in Athens is well developed, despite Greek’s preference for cars. The good news is that public transport has improved lately and will improve even further.

The  underground has three lines and covers very well the city center. Some lines also get to the suburbs. The architecture of the stations is impressive, some of them exhibiting Greek artifacts. You can find out more on the underground in Athens on the official website

The suburban rail is very fast and goes from Piraeus port to the airport. Official website:

The tram is useful if you travel from the south of the city to the center. It travels quite fast. Official website:

Buses are heavily used in Athens, so the network is very vast. You must raise your arm in the station, otherwise the driver will not stop. Night buses are useful when getting home from a late party.

Fares are lower than in many other European cities. You can buy single journey, daily, weekly or monthly tickets. Tickets can be bought in all stations, from kiosks and tobacco shops.