Getting in Corfu

Since Corfu is an island, you will get here by boat or by plane. There are regular ferries from Greece (Igoumenitsa or Patra) and from Italy (Venice, Ancona, Bari, Brindisi). If you come by car from mainland Greece, it is best to take the ferry from Igoumenitsa. Ferries between Igoumenitsa and Corfu are very frequent, usually… Read More »

Things to see in Corfu

Corfu Town is the capital city of the Corfu (or Kerkyra in Greek) island and is a very nice place to visit. It doesn’t have great beaches as other towns and villages nearby, but has a great architecture and a nice castle. It is also the main port of the island. Its architecture has been… Read More »

Things to do in Corfu

You will come to Corfu definitely for the sun and the sea, so you will spend most of the time on the beaches. Corfu has a lot of these of very different quality. You will find some very beautiful sandy beaches on the western coast and some not so great beaches with pebbles in other… Read More »

Resorts in Corfu

Corfu has many resorts scattered across the island. Many of them are close to Corfu Town, but some of the best villages with the finest beaches are in remote locations. Corfu Town is the capital city of the island and the main port. It doesn’t have popular beaches, but there are a lot of other… Read More »

Driving and parking in Corfu

Driving around Corfu island is mostly a pleasure, since the main road is usually next to the sea. Driving at high speed is not recommended at all, the road has a lot of curves and tourists may get on it without notice. Greek taxi drivers may seem insane, but they know the road much better… Read More »

Public transport in Corfu

The only means of public transport in Corfu is the bus. Services are quite reliable, but buses don’t get to all the resorts. In these cases you might consider a taxi instead. The central bus station in Corfu Town is San Rocco Square. Buses leave from this point and connect to various resorts on the… Read More »

Shopping in Corfu

Most resorts in Corfu have shops selling souvenirs or traditional products. Olive products are very popular among tourists. Locals make a lot of stuff out of the olives, including olive oil, cosmetics and olive wood objects. Jewellery, ceramics and leather goods can also be found in larger resorts. The best place for shopping is Corfu… Read More »

Hotels in Corfu

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