Shopping in Corfu

Most resorts in Corfu have shops selling souvenirs or traditional products. Olive products are very popular among tourists. Locals make a lot of stuff out of the olives, including olive oil, cosmetics and olive wood objects. Jewellery, ceramics and leather goods can also be found in larger resorts.

The best place for shopping is Corfu Town. It is big and has many shops, so you will find easier what you are looking for. Most other villages have large or small shops. Corfu Town has a nice pedestrian area where most of the shops are located, so you can truly feel the shopping atmosphere.

If you want to buy clothes, Corfu may not be the best place for this. It’s just a summer destination after all, not a full fledged fashion center. The usual T-shirts, towels and all sorts of accessories with various texts about Corfu or Greece can be found almost everywhere. The good part is that you can find usual things that you might have forgotten at home.

There are also lots of shops selling Greek beverages. You may not want to miss the ouzo, the Metaxa or the tasty wine.