Things to do in Corfu

You will come to Corfu definitely for the sun and the sea, so you will spend most of the time on the beaches. Corfu has a lot of these of very different quality. You will find some very beautiful sandy beaches on the western coast and some not so great beaches with pebbles in other parts of the island. The best beaches on the island are Paleokastritsa, Glyfada, Agios Stefanos, Acharavi, Kalamaki, Lefkimmi and Peroulades. Many other beaches on the island are very good also, with a combination of sand and pebbles or only pebbles. The water is very clean and has a beautiful color almost everywhere.

A trip to Corfu is not complete if you don’t visit Corfu Town, the capital city of the island. It has Venetian influences and has retained some beautiful old buildings. You can spend here a day or two.

A tour of the island is a great way to experience different villages and different beaches. Beach and water quality vary a lot from one place to another, so a tour will allow you to find the best places to spend your holiday. Even if the island is small, it is difficult to visit it all in just a day. The roads are pretty difficult on the western side, especially if you don’t have experience in driving on such terrain. It’s best to plan this tour in two separate days, to have the time to enjoy the places and also to drive in a relaxed manner. The car is not the only option, a scooter is another nice way to experience the island. You could also rent a bike if you plan to visit only the neighborhoods, not the whole island.

The Aqualand near Agios Ioannis is a very nice place to spend some time if you want to change the typical beach atmosphere. It is also a good place to go if you have children, since it provides many entertainment options.

Lots of companies offer a great variety of boat trips. You can enjoy them for a few hours, getting to places that are not accessible by foot. The boats can take you to some very nice caves. There are excursions that will show you the whole island by boat for about a full day.

Corfu - Scuba DivingCorfu has a lot of beaches with pebbles. While these may not be appropriate for the travellers looking for sand, these beaches are great for those that go scuba diving. There are a lot of places where you can enjoy this sport. There are even some companies that will teach you diving if you don’t know yet.

As for any other holiday resort in Greece, don’t miss the taverns with their traditional food and drinks. Lots of places organize Greek nights. Some of them are tourist traps, some of them are really fun. Our advice is to look for restaurants and bars with many people inside, this is a sign that it’s a good place.