Getting in Rome

They say All the roads lead to Rome. This is definitely true, since Rome has excellent connections to the rest of Italy and Europe. You can get here by plane, car, train, bus and even boat. Rome has two airports. The main one is Fiumicino. It is modern and has very good connections to the… Read More »

Things to see in Rome

Rome is full of history and landmarks at every corner. Here is a list of only the main tourist attractions in Rome, those you must definitely see even if you go there for only three days. Should you have more time, buy a good map or city guide and don’t miss anything. And remember that… Read More »

Driving and parking in Rome

Driving in Rome is far from being a pleasure, as the city is crowded and people drive very fast. Romans are very skilled, but this doesn’t mean accidents don’t happen. They don’t have patience with others, so will let you know by using their horn when you do something wrong. When the traffic light goes… Read More »

Public transport in Rome

Rome has a very good public transport network, since it has developed as a very popular tourist city. The underground has not so many lines like other capital cities do, but buses take you virtually anywhere. The bus is the main means of transport in Rome. The network is made up of a large number… Read More »

Shopping in Rome

Rome is a great place for shopping, with department stores all over the city. There are some famous shopping areas in Rome that you should not miss. Piazza di Spagna – Via dei Condotti is an ancient street, where you can find now the shops of all famous Italian designers like Armani, Versace, Dolce &… Read More »

Hotels in Rome

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