Things to see in Rome

Rome is full of history and landmarks at every corner. Here is a list of only the main tourist attractions in Rome, those you must definitely see even if you go there for only three days. Should you have more time, buy a good map or city guide and don’t miss anything. And remember that if you feel tired, one espresso will get your energy back in less than a minute.
Rome - ColosseumThe Colosseum is one of the most famous landmarks in Rome. This amphiteatre was used in ancient Rome for gladiator contests, animal fights and other public events. It could accomodate about 50,000 spectators. The construction was started under the rule of Emperor Vespasian in about 70-72 AD. The construction was finished under his son, Titus, in 80 AD. The Colosseum is very impressive when you look at it both from the outside and the inside. Even if it got pretty damaged in fires and earthquakes, millions of tourists come to admire it every year. Queues can be very long, so it is better to buy tickets from Palatine Hill and then go inside on a separate queue, not waiting in the tickets line anymore.
Rome - Arch of ConstantineThe Arch of Constantine is located next to the Colosseum. It was built after the victory of Constantine over his rival Maxentius.

 Rome - Roman ForumThe Roman Forum is a huge complex of ruins, but was once the center of ancient Rome. It’s a very interesting place if you want to understand political, social or religious life of that times. If you visit the Roman Forum during hot weather, it might be exhausting, as you have to walk a lot and often to climb stairs. As in most tourist places in Rome, you will find fresh cold water at some fountains inside.
Rome - Palatine HillThe Palatine Hill is located near the Roman Forum and contains ruins of villas owned by wealthy families in ancient Rome.
Trajan’s Forum is located on the other side of Via dei Fori Imperiali, which connects Piazza Venezia to the Colosseum. It’s made up of ruins, just like the Roman Forum, but it is smaller. The most interesting thing to see here is Trojan’s Column.
Rome - Piazza VeneziaPiazza Venezia is known for the Vittorio Emanuele Monument and the Venezia Palace. If you climb the stairs of the palace, you will have a good view of Roman Forum and Trajan’s Forum. Stay away from people dressed like ancient Romans, they do nothing spectacular, but will ask you for some euros if you talk to them.
Piazza Navona is a nice square, with no traffic and with lots of coffee shops. This is an ideal place to relax or to make some shopping.

Rome - PantheonThe Pantheon is an ancient temple, build in 125 AD by Emperor Hadrian. It is very well preserved, despite its age. This was the temple of all Roman gods, but in the 7th century was transformed into a Christian church. The Pantheon is well known for its hole on the top of the dome, that lets natural light to come in, so no artificial light is required. It’s quite a unique experience to be in the Pantheon while rain is coming from the hole.
Rome - St. Peter BasilicaVatican is one of the most impressive landmarks in Rome. St. Peter’s Piazza is a huge square, surrounded by beautiful buildings. St. Peter’s Basilica is a wonderful church, right in the Piazza. Queues might be quite long, due to security checks, but you will get fast inside as you don’t pay here. When entering the Basilica, look for the Swiss Guards, you will definitely like their traditional clothing. Vatican Museum is the home of the Sistine Chapel and other nice frescos, old jewels, paintings or statues. The museum is quite large and usually crowded. You may conveniently stop at the cafeteria inside, which is at about half of your journey and has very reasonable prices.

Termini Station is the main train station in Rome. Main buses, trams and the metro get here. It’s not especially beautiful, but it is quite large. You might take a look if you are around.

Rome - Fontana di TreviFontana di Trevi or Trevi Fountain in English may look somehow common during the day, but is extremely beautiful at night. They say you will return to Rome again if you drop a coin in the fountain. This might have been invented by those gathering those coins though.