Getting in Istanbul

Istanbul is very well connected to the rest of Turkey and Europe. You can easily reach Istanbul by plane, car, train, bus and even boat. Some means of transportation are better than others. It is best to avoid getting in Istanbul by car unless you are an experienced driver. Istanbul has a busy airport called… Read More »

Things to see in Istanbul

Istanbul is full of history, so the old city is crowded with places and monuments for you to see. You feel the power and wealth of the old empire when entering the palace or the mosques. Topkapi Palace (Topkapi Saray in Turkish) was the residence of the sultans for about 400 years. It is situated… Read More »

Driving and parking in Istanbul

Istanbul is probably one of the most feared city when it comes to traffic. If you are used to the “proper” way of driving that you find more or less in most European cities, you have to double your attention in Istanbul. Expect the unexpected. Simply put, Istanbul is incredibly crowded. During rush hours, cars… Read More »

Public transport in Istanbul

Istanbul has an extensive public transport network. Unfortunately it is not always tourist friendly, since maps, signs and information are often missing. Unless you know some locals to explain you how to get from one point to another, careful preparation of your trip is the only way to get around. Istanbul has all the means… Read More »

Shopping in Istanbul

When thinking of shopping in Istanbul, the picture that comes to one’s mind is that of the famous Grand Bazaar. By walking in it and looking at the great variety of merchandise, you will figure out one thing: Istanbul is one of the rare places in the world where you can buy almost anything like… Read More »

Hotels in Istanbul

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