Salzburg has one of the most beautiful Christmas markets

The month before Christmas brings the traditional markets in German and Austrian cities. One of the largest Christmas market takes place each year in Salzburg. Located in and around the Cathedral Square, it attracts visitors with traditional food, mulled wine and a lot of handcrafted products. There is no bad time to visit the market.… Read More »

Parking in Amsterdam for €20 a day

Amsterdam is well known for its huge parking fees in the city center. Parking on the street costs about €5 per hour and is complicated anyway because there are not so many places available. P1 Parking Amsterdam Center has a good offer however. You pay only €20 for 24 hours and your stay can range… Read More »

Deal of the day: Christmas in Vienna from €45 per night

Vienna is one of the most popular destinations for winter holidays. This charming city, with its nice Christmas markets and many royal buildings, will make you forget the daily routine and will transport you in a fairy tale. You will enjoy walking around the old streets, tasting some traditional food and some hot wine. Since… Read More »

Famous wine tours

There are many areas with wine tradition in the world. Wherever there is plenty of sun for the grapes to ripe, people are cultivating vineyards and are producing numerous types of wine. No matter if you like white or red wine, no matter if you like it dry or sweet, there is a huge number… Read More »

How to buy cheap stuff when travelling

Travelling usually means spending a lot of money, but it may be also a good opportunity to save some cash by finding deals that are normally not available at home. Most cities are expensive if you only hang out around tourist destinations, but try to find out how locals live and where they buy there… Read More »

Five ways of having fun differently in your holiday

Planning a holiday is quite straightforward. You take a list of attractions, choose those that you want to see and fit them in your schedule. Then you search for some nice restaurants, bars, coffee shops and that’s it. When you are too lazy to discover things yourself, you take a sightseeing bus, lean back and… Read More »

Let the beer flow! Oktoberfest just started

Oktoberfest is definitely the most popular beer event in the world. Hosted by the city of Munich in Germany, it gathers more than 6 million visitors during the 16 – 18 days it takes place. The location is a huge field of 42 hectare named Theresienwiese or Wiesn. All the famous beer brands of Munich… Read More »

Travel on a budget: accommodation, food and entertainment

You may think that travel is reserved only to people with some money. Money make of course a difference and determine if you can get to one place or another, but you can always travel with very little money! This means of course that you can’t be very picky, but travelling on a budget allows… Read More »

Not only for beer lovers: famous brewery tours

A day starts better with a beer, a friend used to say. Even if beer and work don’t usually mix well, any beer lover should visit at least once a famous brewery. We say at least once because the second, third and all further visits will definitely come after the first. What can be tastier… Read More »

Famous buildings with impressive architecture

Each city has its own nice buildings, but some cities simply stand out of the crowd. We have chosen today Barcelona, Vienna and Valencia, three European cities that are proud to host some of the most beautiful architectural wonders. When thinking of famous architectural buildings, Gaudí comes for sure to your mind. He designed many… Read More »